Why a custom-fitted bicycle?
Our body position on the saddle is no doubt the most important aspect to be considered when we are going to buy a bicycle. It’s especially important to have the right backing position of the saddle to allow the rider to achieve his/her 100% muscular strength.
To get the right backing, keeping the saddle well-centered on the seat tube, is made possible only by setting the right angle of the seat tube, fitted for every cyclist.
The angle of the seat tube is unique for every rider. No two people are alike. OBRII can obtain and realize this unique angle for any rider thanks to his modern technology and long experience.
Besides this fundamental aspect, I consider all the other measurements: not only the height of the saddle, the distance between the handlebar and the centre of the saddle, but also the length of the pedal cranks and the width of the handlebar.
These measurements allow the rider to have the right seat position and avoid pathologies at tendons, knees and muscles. So the rider is able to express fully all his/her power and athletic skills.

How an OBRII bicycle is made.
An OBRII bicycle is made by artisans and custom-fitted.

The measurements.
The measurements of the athlete are made by the computerized BIORACER size cycle fitting system, and carried out by a long biomechanical experience.

The project passes to a technician who decides to solder or plate according to the frame materials. This stage is carried out by using an electronic mask to plan all the measurements of the rider.

Then the project passes to the painting which is always strictly personalized with paints and manufacturing of high quality. Also the brands are totally painted, not sticky.
That’s the reason why our products are unique and exclusively personalized.

A special frame.
The projects of my frames come from my past and present experience in continuous improvement. This evolutionary process led me to build a unique frame that optimizes the frame materials according to the position of the tubes themselves.
This special frame with three tubes in titanium, one in aluminium and the others in carbon, is famous by now: the top in evolution of comfort and reactivity at sprint.